Best Men’s Dress Shirts: Dress Shirts That Actually Stay Tucked

Best Men’s Dress Shirts: Dress Shirts That Actually Stay Tucked

Posted on Jun 23, 2022

Men, like most people, feel more confident when they are looking their best. Thus, ACUMEN has amassed quite the selection of men’s dress clothes. However, we can all agree on the frustration that comes with untucked shirts. Not only does it take away from your style, but it is also annoying to constantly fix. If you are looking for the best men’s dress shirts that will stay tucked, here are the top ones from my personal experience. 

ACUMEN: The Comfortable Men’s Dress Shirt that Stays Tucked

ACUMEN is one of the more recent brands I’ve found, and they really blow away the competition when it comes to comfortable and functional men’s dress clothes. The ACUMEN system includes a stylish shirt, extremely comfortable socks, and shirt stays that ensure your shirt stays tucked and tight. There is no need to ever adjust or re-tuck. Plus, ACUMEN’s shirts are very soft and comfortable. These are by far my favorite. 

Theory: A High Budget Men’s Shirt

Theory produces high-quality dress shirts that are comfortable and generally stay in place. The big drawback of this brand is the cost. However, if you have the budget to drop close to $200 per shirt, you’ll love these. 

J Crew:  A Staple for Casual, but Comfy

I feel like J Crew is a relatively known entity in men’s dress clothes. You tend to get what you expect, a men’s dress shirt that can pair with khakis or jeans. These are also more affordable than many brands, putting them on this list as good everyday shirts. 

Lululemon: The Unlikely Shirt for Active Men

Lululemon isn’t typically thought of as a brand to look for men’s clothing; however, you might be pleasantly surprised with their men’s dress shirts. These are best for active men on the hottest summer days as they employ great sweat-wicking technology and are fairly stretchy too. While these might not be found in a high-profile meeting or event, they serve their purpose.

Mizzen & Main: Designed for Broad Shoulders

There are a number of reasons why men’s dress shirts come untucked. For some people, your shoulders may be a bit too wide for the typical shirt. This problem is addressed by Mizzen & Main’s entry into this list, which is designed for broad-shouldered men. If you have this stature, this may be one of the best men’s dress shirts for you. It’s a bit expensive but fits well with these forms. 

Final Thoughts: ACUMEN Takes the Cake

ACUMEN dress shirts check all the boxes. They’re comfortable. They stay put and don’t come untucked. They’re sharp, and they look better than a standard men’s dress shirt. Shop now for 20% off your order: