How to Keep My Dress Socks from Slipping Down

How to Keep My Dress Socks from Slipping Down

Posted on Aug 31, 2022

The perfect pair of men’s dress socks are incredibly comfortable and suitably elegant, great for an upscale evening on the town or an important event. However, even your favorite men’s dress clothes can have a downside. When it comes to men’s dress socks, one of the most frustrating things is that they keep slipping down. 

Why Do Men’s Dress Socks Slip? 

You probably are thinking the answer to this question is relatively simple. It’s gravity, right? Well, yes – even the best men’s dress socks will slip down from things like gravity and movement. However, there are a number of factors that can make your socks more likely to slip down. 

The first is the quality of socks. If you are cutting corners with your socks, you may find they fall down often. This is why ACUMEN’s dress socks tend to have much more elastic than the cheaper ones on the market. After a few times through the washing machine, the elastic begins to wear and can’t firmly grip your leg anymore. This is why ACUMEN’s dress socks have more, higher quality elastic than cheaper socks on the market.

The other reason why your socks may be slipping has to do with the size. Having the correct length of sock is important for ensuring a proper fit. If your sock is too small, your sock is going to have a tendency to be pulled down your leg by your heel as you walk, leading to you having to frequently adjust it. 

How Do I Keep My Dress Socks from Slipping? Introducing Shirt Stays

Even the best men’s dress socks will slip now and then. As discussed earlier, purchasing quality dress socks in the right size will minimize this. Still, if you want to ensure that your socks remain in place the entire time you are wearing it, you’ll want to use shirt stays. These are the most effective tool for keeping your socks in place.

A shirt stay is essentially a piece of elastic with easy-to-use clips at each end. One end attaches to the tops of your dress socks while the other clips to the bottom of your dress shirt. The shirt stay keeps your shirt down and your socks up.  The entire shirt stay remains hidden beneath your outfit. 

This is a convenient method for keeping your socks from slipping down and is preferred by people for many reasons. In addition to keeping your socks in place, it will also prevent your dress shirt from becoming untucked, making it a valuable addition to your men’s dress clothes. 

Where Can I Purchase Shirt Stays? 

There are many places you can find shirt stays; however, you can conveniently get them as part of ACUMEN’s “Set,” which combines a sharp-looking shirt, exceptionally comfortable dress socks, and high-quality shirt stays. The ACUMEN shirt stays are patent pending, the most comfortable and secure on the market, and only work with ACUMEN shirts and socks.  Order The Set today to enhance your look and end the frustration from your socks sliding down.